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Every year several movies make their way to the box office sweeping huge revenues from their success but only few to sweep the hearts. Only a couple of quality movies teach the world about leaving self and selfishness back so that we could love people and do the best for everyone without expecting anything in return.

What we are all about

Cineclub are thrilled to announce that FACT in Liverpool has become our first Affiliate Partner. Cineclub will be working with the Learning Programme at FACT to develop and run a range of CPD for teachers and youth workers, provide filmmaking workshops across the North West and celebrate student work at annual screenings

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Cineclub Film Academy Cineclub, The Young Filmmakers Network, are proud to offer an inspiring after school filmmaking and film watching programme for 8-16 year olds. For more information on Cineclub Film Academy, click here

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Cineclub, The Young Filmmakers Network, train professional filmmakers and teachers to set up and run filmmaking workshops for young people. We aim to create a vibrant and thriving network of young filmmakers who create, watch and share films with each other. By providing CPD to teachers, teaching assistants and youth workers we are ensuring that filmmaking and film watching become sustainable activities for our members.

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Cineclub has been up and running since 2004 and provide a UK network for young filmmakers, enabling young people to script, shoot and edit their own short films. We are one of the very few arts organisations to have been awarded QiSS (Quality in Study Support) Emerged status by Canterbury Christchurch University in recognition of our dedication to high quality projects and programme

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